6 years Quarter Horse for adoption
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  • 6 years Quarter Horse for adoption


    05، سبتمبر 2018

    Joe is my handsome 16 hand QH gelding. Joe is such a sweet kind guy with a great personality he's quite the character he is definitely one of a kind. He W/T/C great in the ring and he goes out on trail like a pro absolutely he loves it out there and he will take a xrail jump here and there also but he's not really built for jumping higher due to being long backed and big and not really taught he's more of a Fun /Pleasure/Trail Guy. Joe is ridden English so this is a english rider lease only even though he does neck rein at Walk and has had a western background in his past. Asking $1500 .He is definitely bombproof nothing phases this guy takes great care of you but even though he's like that Joe definitely needs a intermediate and up rider who knows what there doing so Please No Beginner Riders cause he has go under saddle and can get strong he also has a big stride to him he's not by any means a kick along he's a forward ride. He's very fun to ride once you figure him out he's a very cool horse. He's super fun to just be around and hang out with also he's very laid back go with the flow type. He is at a barn with a good size outdoor ring ,access to trail and good size lighted indoor ring nice quiet low key place. Please feel free to bring your own saddle also if you own one. There are trainers at the barn if you wanted to take a lesson on him or you are welcome to bring your own in just must be licensed or I'd be happy also to help you out with him if needed.