Wedding Dress 100 % British silk & make Almost NEW condition
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  • Wedding Dress 100 % British silk & make Almost NEW condition


    22، مارس 2019

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    Ingenious Private Designer's Wedding Dress (Distinguished BRITISH Fabric, Design & Sewing).
    100% British Silk
    Crafted by British in-house designer.
    In Excellent condition. Used only once over the wedding night..
    The Bill covering costs of fabric plus designer's fees plus sewing amounted to 5000 Sterling Pounds. Will sell for 2850 $ only due to moving overseas.
    The dress labels are proof to the superior fabric quality and country of origin (UK).
    Color: off-white
    Size: 16 (UK). However the design has been ingeniously crafted to accommodate one size less.
    Finally the Fabric is so distinguished that both the fabric maker and the designer recommend using only the brand name cleaners of Sanitone, after it is used by the prospective bride.

    All these facts of the fabric composition (100% British silk) and the exclusivity of the design are witnessed on the dress label.

    81.857386 Serious applications only to Dr. H. H.