Customer Service / Secret Shopper for Joub Jannine
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  • Customer Service / Secret Shopper for Joub Jannine


    12، فبراير 2019

    • 0 - 1 سنة

    • ثانوية عامة

    Are you interested in a Freelance Job?!

    GWR is RECRUITING NOW for All Beqaa Lebanon (Joub Jannine- Zahle- Chtoura- Bar Elias)

    Position: Customer Service Evaluator/ Mystery Shoppers.

    Job Duties: - Evaluating Customer Service when visiting different stores and other establishments as a Secret Shopper. - Purchasing a specific product or type of product when required. - Documenting the shopping experience that will be later used for writing a report through an online survey. - Visits can be done after working hours or on the weekends. (on candidate's free time). - Payment is per visit. Evaluating Customer service in Car Showrooms, Restaurants, Retail Stores and others)

    Please send your resume to: قدم على الوظيفة and mention in the subject areas you can cover

    Only candidates located in the Bekaa area will be considered.