Eagle 007 - Fully Armored

350,000 دولار
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    Eagle 007 - Fully Armored
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    Eagle 007 - Fully Armored


    12، أغسطس 2019

    • 350,000 دولار

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    • 2019

    • سيارة جديدة

    Fully Protected

    B u ll e t proof
    B o m b b l a s t security
    High Powered R i f l e Protection
    Hand g u n protection
    Gas masks
    K i l l switch
    Electrified Door Handles
    Run Flat Tires
    Siren PA with Horn Options
    Strobe Lights
    Radiator Protection
    Blinding Lights
    Ram Bumpers
    Smoke Screen Cloak
    Tailgate Grill - Anti Theft
    Intercom System
    Tack dispenser
    Entertainment System
    Starry Night (ceiling upgrade)

    B6+ Presidential A r m o r i n g Specifications:

    1. Glass areas: Windshield, rear glass and side glass BR6+ certified (60 mm)

    b u ll e t-resistant transparent a r m o r multi-layer glass with polycarbonate inner layers to prevent spalling upon ballistic
    2. Body: Roof, Floor, Doors, rear hatch, pillar posts, side panels, kick-panels, and headers (laterals) a r m o r e d with
    b a l l i s t i c composite material equivalent material or b a ll i s t i c steel in accordance with defined standard of

    Vehicle have original appearance and performance best possible using lightest weight certified
    a r m o r i n g materials and design practices.

    3. Vehicle Structured Modifications: Reinforcement of pillar posts, cross door internal angle and dual hinges
    “sandwich” support.

    4. Suspension: Custom designed Heavy Duty /High grade suspension design and placement.

    High pressure heavy duty
    a r m o r e d designed shocks with computer calibrated coil springs. Sway support bars included.

    Additional features included in a r m o r i n g/upgrade package:

    1. Battery: Battery compartment a r m o r e d to BR6+ lateral protection

    2. Door Supports: Over-extension Straps installed to prevent damage to hinges.

    3. Fuel tank: Wrapped with B a ll i s t i c fragmentation blankets with composite and b allistic shell protection.

    4. Electronic control Module: (ECM) protection against B6+ lateral protection.

    5. Exhaust System: Wire mesh tailpipe protection.

    6. Operable Windows Front driver door (Other windows available as options)

    **If there are any other options of armoring packages or please bring them to our attention before the vehicle completed manufacturing process.

    Labs (b l a s t and fragmentation certifications)

    Warranty: (SOARING EAGLES ENTERPRISES) offers a Lifetime Warranty on its armor up fitting.composite materials
    are guaranteed for the life of the vehicle.

    Inspection: We welcome inspections of the facilities or work in progress is welcome, prior to, during or upon completion.