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    16، سبتمبر 2020

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    “Inputs panel” Product Description
    This panel has 2 N.O. input contacts which the user can connect to any device he wants, e.g. a sensor which supports contacts to reflect its state. This panel then holds the information of the user’s device and passes it either to :
    • the Android mobile app (given by us, the manufacturer)
    • or another panel (of our made) which usually will have relays built in.
    • or a system of your own which will use our API and then take the action you “the user” desires.
    So this panel is like a general purpose monitoring module.
    A custom panel can be built according to user requirements, i.e. it can be waterproof and it may contain the number of contacts needed by the user.

    Useful to get the info from a device, e.g. a light sensor, a fire monitoring module, or anything.

    The 2 N.O. input contacts must only be connected to dry contacts i.e. must not be connected to any voltage or current source.

    Specific Features to this panel
    • This panel may inform other panels (reflect its state to them) and not just only 1 panel. Those informed panels can be local to the WiFi network or somewhere else.
    • It may even inform an Android app or any proprietary system which uses our API, as previously mentioned.
    • When a device causes a panel’s contact to electrically close, an LED corresponding to the contact lit on. In addition, the state of the contact gets reflected in another panel (which may be an “output panel”) which in its turn sends back an acknowledge to our 2-Inputs panel, then another corresponding panel gets lit.
    • Likewise when a panel’s contact gets electrically open after being electrically closed.

    Common Features with other panels
    • This panel is powered by any phone charging adapter, i.e. 5VDC, and it usually has an USB port to connect to.
    • We usually add the panel to the same one WiFi network in house or workplace.
    • Access to the panel :
    ◦ It is possible to restrict the access to the panel through only the local WiFi network, that is without using the Internet. In this case the router of the WiFi network must support static IP allocation, at least for this version of the product).
    ◦ It is also possible to restrict access to the panel through only Internet connection although the panel is connected to WiFi. In this case the router of the WiFi network does not have to support static IP allocation.
    ◦ And it is possible to allow both access ways.
    • Please note that the panel uses a server (usually rented) to perform its communication through Internet.
    • User must provide constant electrical supply to the panel.
    • User must provide constant WiFi connection to the panel. The panel will notify, through a dedicated blinking LED, the user if the WiFi connection gets disconnected.
    • This panel has a green LED continuously lit to indicate the panel is on.
    • It also has a yellow light which has more the following functionalities :
    ◦ If the panel is not connected to WiFi’s router for any reason, like the router is damaged or panel is far away from it, then this LED will be continuously ON, and will blink once every 4 to 6 seconds or so.
    ◦ If the panel is configured to connect to the Internet and the server it connects to is off or unreachable for any reason like the Internet went off due to ISP error, then this LED will continuously blink.
    ◦ This LED might also continuously blink if the panel is configured to send its info to another unreachable panel, even if it configured to connect through the local WiFi only, that is without Internet access.
    ◦ This LED is also a way to communicate the configuration of the panel to the one who is doing the configuration. This is detailed in the configuration section.